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Join Hurtigruten and come closer to Norway's spectacular scenery and captivating wildlife. Since 1893 Hurtigruten shiHurtigruten Winterps have been a vital link between the cities, towns and hamlets in Norway, carrying local passengers, freight and guests. No one knows how to sail or explore these waters better than Hurtigruten, and guarantee sights, adventures and experiences that you will cherish forever.

The seasons in Norway are very different from each other and on board excursions, restaurant menus and shore excursions change according to the time of year and the waters we sail in. Hurtigruten is known as the World's most beautiful voyage and each season brings with it new opportunities to experience Hurtigruten voyages in an entirely different 'light'.

ShipsHurtigruten Northern Lights Ship

Hurtigruten ships have been a staple along the Norwegian coast since 1893. The current fleet consists of classic ships, ships built in the late nineties, and ships built after the millennium.


Midnight SunHurtigruten Midnight Sun
The sun never takes a break here in northern Norway - a land where the light never fails to inspire. The country has always been known as “the Land of the Midnight Sun”, but even this cannot convey the enduring beauty to be found here in “the Land of Light and Darkness”..

Northern LightsHurtigruten Northern Lights
The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon which occurs in arctic regions in particular. The phenomenon is caused by electricallycharged solar particles, high in energy, entering the earth’s atmosphere. This usually occurs in an area around the Arctic Circle (67˚ N).Within this area, the Northern Lights may be seen almost every night, but are seen less and less as you travel south. The phenomena are not visible when it is cloudy.

Norwegian FjordsHurtigruten
Fjords are a trademark of tourism in Norway. When the glaciers receded from the landmass towards the coast, they carved great valleys through the mountain ranges..

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